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luXtstudio Talent Management

Modeling Consultation

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This is a one on one Zoom Call meeting with different topics about the modeling industry, Instagram growth and more... with our Model Guru, Krystal Sastre with 25 years of experience in the modeling industry. 


Topics to Consult about: 

Model Development 
  1. Wealthy mindset for success
  2. Role model values
  3. Healthy lifestyle of a model
  4. Invest In yourself
  5. Bring a message to your audience
  6. Your purpose as a model
  7. The secret of success

Model Techniques

  1. Runway Presence & Techniques
  2. Photo Posing for Print
  3. Become a freelance model
  4. Castings & interview techniques

Instagram Growth  

  1. Your Instagram Profile 
  2. The perfect Instagram Post 
  3. All about Instagram Highlights 
  4. Instagram extra Features 
  5. Be social on Instagram 



FYI: This Zoom meeting can last no more than an hour, no less than 15 minutes. All meetings needs to be booked before 48 hours prior. We reserve our rights of end the Zoom Call meeting at any time if the instructor feel uncomfortable to continue.  We don't do any refunds if the model don't show on time, or don't show at all.  Zoom call meeting can be reschedule if the management permit it.