Become an MWP Model

What is an MWP Model?

Model with Purpose is a movement that was created to help aspiring models to be more self-confident and guide them in their journey to discovering self-love and becoming a part of the industry while retaining their values.

At MWP, we stand by our core values –

  • We are Confident - loving ourselves without having any fear of being real.
  • We are Authentic - We are all different, there’s no competition among each other. Rather, we support each other instead.
  • We are Empowered- we encourage and motivate each other to continue growing personally and professionally.
  • And lastly, we represent Commitment – we always follow through with our promise no matter what it takes.

As models, we know how hard it is to build a network and credibility in the industry – trust us, we’ve been there! We are aware of all the hard work it takes to land that first modeling gig and to build your portfolio to land the next! And this is exactly why we would like to share our experiences and help others succeed and find their own purpose.


How to become an MWP Model:

At MWP, we aim to grow your modeling career and help you gain exposure to get connected and access bigger brands. We believe that having a clean image is essential to becoming successful in the industry. An MWP model leads by example. We do not expose excessive drinking, use of drugs, sex, smoking, or any type of violence in our professional or social media life. We believe in keeping our values and maintaining a clean image that represents the Model With Purpose brand and movement.

To participate in runway fashion shows, models must be at least the age 21 and up. For underage models, we do offer masterclasses and will be featured in our social media accounts and MWP Magazine.

Models must be willing to promote the event and follow the requirements of the week's seasonal project. In addition, they have the responsibility to promote the magazine and events after it is finished. We are looking for models who are active on social media, and team players who are willing to engage on social media posts by commenting and sharing other team member contents.

If this is an environment you would like to be a part of, we invite you to experience this amazing journey with us by Joining us. 


What can you expect after becoming an MWP Model?

As an MWP model, you will have free access to our events along with amazing perks such as 25% OFF on our website as well as having the opportunity to collaborate with brands and published photographers within our network.

You will also have access to photoshoots such as our Innovative Exposure events in where we collaborate with brands who will be participating in our seasonal fashion shows and published magazines. In addition, you will also be given a chance to participate and walk the runway in our seasonal fashion shows.

Most importantly, you will become a part of an amazing family that shares the same values and are willing to support each other on the journey of becoming a part of the modeling industry the right way.

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