About us

Talent Management

Prepares, develops, and exposes rising talents in the modeling industry. 

  • Training, Workshops of Runway Readiness, Proper Posture and Makeup.
  • Design your modeling professional portfolio, resume or comp card. 
  • Essential Tools and resources for models  to be successful in their modeling path. 
Our end goal is to develop and introduce new talents to be a part of the modeling industry with all the essential tools and knowledge they will need to be successful.  




Model With Purpose is a Movement focused on helping men and women develop self confidence and guiding them through the journey of discovering self love. We offer blogs about personal development, self care and a healthy lifestyle help our viewers find what areas they feel they need growth within or can relate to most. We're confident that through these blogs we can build a relationship with our viewers and help them to grow as people as we continue to develop ourselves. 
We have a Collection tagged with our Model With Purpose logo, which you can purchase on this site. We ask that you tag us while wearing our brand for the chance to be promoted to our viewers. Anyone can get featured if they post a photo wearing the brand and tag us on our social media accounts.