MWP Photographers, Job description, role and responsibilities

MWP Photographers, Job description, role and responsibilities

MWP Photographers

Job description, role and responsibilities 

Mandatory Tasks 

  • 6 hours a month for clients promotional shoots. 
  • 8 hours a month of photography or videography covering MWP events and interviews. 
  • Edit in a week time frame or ask for help.

Optional Tasks

  • Modeling tasks 

Paid by commissions

MWP Fashion Shows 


MWP Magazine Release Parties

MWP Gala Awards 

MWP Master Class

Paid by services

Massive Shooting Events 

Personal Shoots for ads

Luxury weekend 

Website, Social Media & Magazine ads, For MWP Magazine editions 

Print Portfolio Shoots 

$100 2 hours shooting & edits

$100 Modeling Shoot reels & edits 


Paid by exposure

MWP Magazine

Innovative Exposure

Model Meet ups

MWP Magazine Submissions  


Mandatory task needs to be completed every month without NO exception. If you choose to do an optional task, it will automatically convert into a Mandatory task. It’s required to have an Instagram and a Link.Tree Accounts. Maintain strict commitment to excellence for every job by working extra hours, repeating actions and poses as necessary, and always communicating in a professional, pleasant way. It’s required to do 1 monthly PFT with MWP models to create content for social media. We will give credits to the photographers but, MWP media are the ones who post the content first. 

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