MWP Media, Website & Social Media

MWP Media, Website & Social Media

MWP Media

Website & Social Media  

MWP Live News 

  • Broadcasting on Instagram, every Tuesday 7:30pm @luxtstudio 
  • Topics: Nearest events, interviews and MWP news. 

MWP News 

  • Available in YouTube every Friday @mwpnews
  • Edited version of MWP live news

MWP Podcast 

  • Recorded and live broadcast every Wednesday at 7:30pm @mwppodcast
  • Role Model interviews about their positive message. 

MWP Books 

  • MWP Workbook
  • Instagram Hunt 
  • 100 top model quotes
  • MWP Everyday affirmations
  • 101 Modeling Industry Facts
  • In between worlds

MWP Magazine 

  • Spring Edition 
  • Summer Edition 
  • Fall Edition
  • Winter Edition
  • Events Special edition 

MWP Website 

  • Join in 
  • MWP Brand 
  • Modeling tools 
  • MWP events links 
  • Books & Magazines links 

MWP Social Media - Instagram @mwp_media | Facebook - Page: MWP_Media - Group: MWP News | YouTube @mwpnews 



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