What is the difference between Editorial Shoots and Commercial shoots? 

Although they might seem like the same shoots, they are very different. This article explains the difference between a Commercial Shoot and an Editorial shoot. 


Editorial Shoots

 An editorial shoot tells a story. In fact, it should provide the viewer with a visual narrative that takes them on a journey through the art director's vision. 

Editorial photography focuses on capturing artistic and alluring images that grip audiences and can help to promote a variety of the brands used in the shoot and the creatives who put the shoot together. You'll notice that editorial shoots include the name of the team responsible for the work, such as the art director, photographer, model, stylist, makeup artist, hair stylist, nail artist, etc. They also credit the fashion brands used in the shoot and can have an affiliate link to gain commission when a reader purchases something through it. 

Editorial stories take much prep work before the shoot and require an art director or photographer. They must develop the creative concept, scout locations, cast the models, decide on the looks, source the shooting team, produce mood boards and clearly share their vision with their team. 

The story that these products are associated with is what sells them. They are indirectly selling an attractive lifestyle concept or theme.


Commercial Shoot 

Commercial photography is used to directly sell a product, brand, or specific label. Unlike Editorial Shoots, commercial shoots are arranged by a client who wants to now advertise and sell a particular brand. Aside from only shooting a single brand, style is another feature of commercial photography.

Commercial models indeed have softer features that 'appeal' to a broader consumer audience, whereas an editorial model would have more striking features and a body shape to fit high-end couture. 

However, lines are regularly blurred, and many commercial shoots have the look and feel of an editorial but with just one brand. There are also mixed shoot styles, such as editorial beauty instead of natural beauty shoots. 

An editorial shoot is based on a creative's artistic production that wants to share a story. But, a commercial shoot is based on advertising and selling a product, business, or service. 

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