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What is a composite card?

Do you want to break into the modeling industry? If so, having a comp card is essential. It's your way of showing off what you can offer right at your fingertips, with all the necessary information about who you are and what you do. Want to learn more about what to include and what industry experts have to say? Keep reading to find out. With the correct formatting and details, your comp card can be the key to the big break you've dreamed.


What is a composite card?

It can be challenging for models to introduce themselves and their work to potential clients, which is why a composite card (often called a comp card or Zed card) is so important! It's like a visual business card that allows models to showcase their talents and abilities.

Your comp card must showcase your uniqueness as a model - include photos, measurements, contact info, and any details that set you apart from other models, such as ethnicity or eye color. We understand your brand is significant to you and are here to help you get the most out of your comp card. 

Including a range of photos can be a great idea when creating your comp card. Start with a portrait: a clear and unfiltered close-up of your face. It would be best to showcase yourself in the best possible light by providing a half-body shot of your face and upper body and a full-body shot showcasing your fabulous figure in figure-flattering clothing or a swimsuit. Trust us, and you'll look stunning! A lifestyle shot of you in action - laughing, dancing, or just doing something that makes you feel like you - is also a great addition, as is a commercial shot with a non-branded item. Finally, on the front of your comp card, include a portrait and your name, and on the back, additional images, all the necessary info, and your contact details.

Include your physical particulars on your comp card information so casting directors can better understand if you are the right fit for their project - this includes your height, weight, and body measurements (bust/chest, waist/abdomen, and hips/inseam), your hair and eye color, and your shoe size.

It's essential to ensure your contact info is current so your model comp card has the vital information - your name, city of residence, nationality, and representation (if you have any agents or managers). Additionally, ensure you provide your contact info, including phone, email, and social media handles. That way, you'll be easy to contact and have access to as many opportunities as possible.

We highly recommend printing your mixed cards on both sides of 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch A5 cardstock. It will ensure they are of the highest quality.

When deciding what photos you wish to employ, selecting professional ones that represent the range of your abilities and aesthetics is vital. Use natural lighting and a neutral backdrop for your photos to create the most stunning effect.


Design the comp card

If you'd like to create your comp cards, you can always rely on the convenience of online design tools like Canvas. However, the fees for making comp cards can add up quickly, so hiring a professional designer for a higher cost might be something to consider. If that isn't an option for you, we'd be happy to take care of it for you for way less cost.

The format of your comp card should follow the guidelines of 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches on A5 cardstock, either oriented in a vertical or horizontal format. The front of your card should display your most appealing natural headshot and your name, written legibly in a font such as Times New Roman or Arial, at a size of 12 to 14. On the back, present images that showcase your skills, experiences, type of work you wish to do, stats, and contact details while using an approachable tone of writing.

If you're looking to have your cards printed, there are plenty of reliable online services like Headshots2Go, PrintPlace, and NextDayFlyers that you can use. Alternatively, you could always print them out yourself - all you need is some A5 cardstock and a good printer. A good starting number for comp cards is 100, but if you are having someone design it for you, they will print them for you too. Remember, physical comp cards typically have your primary photo on the front, with your name and other smaller photos, stats, and contact info on the back.

As a model, showcasing your comp cards digitally and physically can help you reach a larger audience. Using traditional cards can be incredibly helpful when quickly finding someone's contact information. The front of the card showcases a headshot and name, so it's easy to identify the person, while the back contains smaller pictures, contact details, and other stats that provide helpful insight. Digital comp cards, on the other hand, present the headshot and name on the left and the remaining content on the right. Why not use the resources offered to you and post your online comp cards on your modeling site and social media? Doing so can open multiple doors of opportunity.


If you want your comp card to become noticed, here are four tips to help it stand out:

  1. Ensure that your comp card truly showcases your talent as a model. Ensure your comp card displays accurate details, and the images reflect your current look. Be sure to review your card with your agency if they are responsible for making them.
  2. Examine online templates and other model comp cards to uncover the potential designs that you can use. Select a sleek and minimalistic layout with neat edges and a professional typeface to ensure that your design stands out and maintains a professional look.
  3. It's only natural for agents and clients to look at your social media profiles, so why not make it easier? Just include your handles on your comp card - that way, there's no searching around and worrying about what they might find. Plus, why not add to the excitement by posting a digital version of your comp card across your social media channels? Include hashtags like #Model, #AspiringModel, and #ScoutMe - that way, you can create some buzz around your modeling skills and images. 
  4. If you want to break into the modeling world, having a comp card is a great start! Make sure to get your face in front of some of the right people by sending out a digital version of your comp card via email or a physical version through the mail. You only need one connection to get your foot in the door, so don't be afraid to promote yourself!

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