How do you create a Pitch Note

to gain the attention of that Brand Collaboration you've always wanted? 

Use your influence to convince people the right way.

To make money with brand partnerships, you need a fantastic Pitch Note. Suppose you are new in the influencer industry. In that case, you might see or experience difficulties finding that exact brand that wants to partner with you based on your brand values. There are a lot of scammers out there. Instead of waiting for a brand opportunity, how about you knock on their doors to work with them? 

You can only do this by having your very own Pitch Note. This blog gives you the steps we use to make brand deals. Let's start. 

First, take out of your head that you don't have what it takes to become an influencer/model. You don't need lots of followers to work with brands. You need to be yourself and show a positive message in your socials; this will help you gain the audience and required engagement. Once you understand your message or niche, you can grow your engagement.

As soon as you understand your niche, be constant with your audience to grow the engagement needed to reach out to brands. What is a Pitch Note? a pitch note is an email to convince a brand to work with you. 

In this Pitch Note, you explain your services and why you are the suitable influencer/model to partner with them. It should include a short introduction of who you are, analytics and status from your social media, and details of past experiences with brand partnerships. Make sure to do it precisely and direct. 

How to pitch brands as an Influencer/Model? 

  1. Start with a strong subject line. Make it clear, concise, personalized, and with a sense of urgency. This is your first impression, and it depends on whether the brand gets interested in opening the email to know more. 
  2. Show them who you are. Write a brief introduction of yourself and your message, and include your socials so they can see what you do. 
  3. Add your social insights status. Include engagement rates, monthly views, and your audience gender percentage. This will help you show credibility. They will only want to work with you if you can establish trust. 

As a closure, share examples of any past partnerships. This shows you are an experienced influencer/model. And also demonstrate that other brands have trusted you in the past. Suppose you still need to get experience with past brands. In that case, we can help you gain the required expertise with our upcoming Innovative Exposure

Lastly, Here's a Pitch Note template that our models/influencers use to offer their services to big brands. Enjoy it! 


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