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Monetize your likes with Stylink!

Monetize your likes with Stylink!

If you have Youtube or Instagram followers that you want to share something meaningful and influential with, then you should reach out to the power influencer community of stylink! With them, you can form a strong connection between you, your followers, and the top brand names. 

Going beyond just alike, you should have the opportunity to get paid for the recommendations you make. With the help of stylink, getting paid for your influence is now easier than ever!

If you join Stylink, you will gain access to their incredible Linkmaker! With it, you can generate affiliate links that reward you with money when people click. That's only the beginning of the fantastic benefits you will receive on the platform.

You can make the most of your following with their generous assistance! Having spent years in influencer marketing, the folks at Stylink understand your challenges. They are your allies, dedicated to connecting you with online stores and helping you achieve success.

How Stylink works? 

Are you new at stylink and wondering how you can earn money with product recommendations on social media? Here we explain step by step how their Linkmaker works.

Registration and Login

If you're looking to get started with Linkmaker, log in to stylink with your e-mail address and password. For those who are new, no worries! Just register, and you'll be good to go. Once you're logged in, you'll be directed straight to the Linkmaker page. Here, you'll be able to view all of the fantastic partner shops they work with and the commission per click you can get from each shop. 

Remember that the commission amounts can frequently change, so check back regularly.

Select a Brand

Take a look at the selection of online stores, such as: Rayban, Lulus, or Armani; and pick the one you trust most when recommending a product to your followers.They will open a new tab in your browser, no matter which device you use: phone or laptop. Once in the store, you can quickly look for your favorite product.

Copy product link

Have you found a product that you would like to purchase? Copying the product link couldn't be any easier! Simply follow these steps: On your smartphone, tap your browser's address bar. Once you click on the "Copy" or the appropriate icon, the link will be stored in your clipboard for easy access. Don't miss out on a great deal - copy the product link!

On your computer, It's easy! Select the entire link in the address bar of your computer using the mouse, then right-click to select "copy." Take advantage of this simple yet effective technique to save time and effort!


Insert product link into Linkmaker

Using the Linkmaker on the Stylink tab, insert your product link into the input field on your smartphone. For a smooth copy-paste process, simply press and hold the input field for a few seconds. On your PC, simply right-click the link and press 'Enter' - with such ease, you'll have your affiliate link in no time! Let's get those sales rolling!


Introducing an excellent new feature! 

Now you can create your affiliate links through WhatsApp - it's simple! Send the product link you want to use to +49 157 9251 4373, and you'll be rewarded with your affiliate link and the payout details instantly - no hassle, no delay. Don't wait any longer to get started - tap into the power of this fantastic new technology today!

You must register with stylink and make links from our shop portfolio. Submitting only one link per time is imperative, and please refrain from adding any salutations – otherwise, their system won't be able to address your request.


Share affiliate link

If you're keen to use your new affiliate link, simply click the 'Copy' button, and it will automatically be saved onto your device's clipboard. For extra assurance, why not take the time to save the link into a notes app on your smartphone or elsewhere to ensure it doesn't get lost. 

Then, get it out into the world by inserting it into places such as your Instagram story, YouTube description box, Pinterest profile, or blog. Don't forget to label the content as an advertisement using #AD - and you're good to go.

Start with Stylink today! 

A few brands you might have in your wardrobe you can use to start monetizing your stories: 

Oakley Rayban  H&MDiorNordstrom Rack
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