Invest in yourself first!  

Sometimes, we forget about investing in ourselves because of all the bills we need to pay. We learned that we are slaves of a lifestyle we are not happy to live.

Choose to be happy!

We only live once, and if we don’t invest in ourselves, we will regret it when we age. It would be best if you treated yourself first before you could help others.

You will see enormous success when you have faith in what you can achieve by investing in yourself. You will be attractive to everyone when you are the best version of yourself.

A doctor needs to have his Ph.D. to attend to patients. The same happens when you want to be a model. It would be best if you were constantly developing because the modeling industry is continually changing.

A doctor needs to buy his tools to treat the patient. The same happens when you want to become a model. A model has different tools to promote itself. If you go to an audition and have all your devices, many of them will want to work with you.

There’s a list of all the modeling tools that exist: 

Black Portfolio Book

Modeling Resume

Composite Cards


Media kit

Website Portfolio


A black Portfolio Book is a 9x12 Book with your head shoot, mid-shoot, full-body shoot, and contact sheets. You have 24 sheets to fill with your experience.

It would be best to update your portfolio book with your latest experience—at least the last twelve months from now. Please don’t fill out the portfolio because it’s not a photo album.

Also, every year we change a bit. You must take your head shoot (mid-thigh and up), mid-shoot (mid-waist and up), and full-body shoot (entire body frame) yearly. This can be used for your modeling resume as well.

Usually, in an audition, the directors take a test shoot with your headshot to identify that it's you by the time of choosing the models they want to work with. 

It's recommended to have a solid color attire since they want to evaluate what you can bring as a model more than how fashionable you can be.

A contact sheet is one or three pages of all the photos the photographer took in the photo shooting section.

Usually, a modeling resume is an 8x10 Head-shoot with all your modeling experience at the back. It also has your measurements and characteristics, skills and hobbies, and management contact information. The modeling resumes it's only for people that work in the modeling industry.

Don't add any other jobs than modeling! 

You can only add the experience you earned as a model.

Composite cards, or as most known, comp cards, are 4x6 stiff paper, with 6 to 10 photos of yourself with different themes. It will have your full name, measurement, and characteristics and your manager or agent contact information. This tool is good for models that are starting their careers and still need more experience to fill out a modeling resume.

The difference between composite cards and digitals is that the first is printed and mailed or handled, and the second is only digital and is for sending emails and submissions. You can use the same template.

A Media Kit is for models or influencers who are content creators and need to show a digital portfolio to their possible collaborators. It tells the brands everything they need to know about their work.

This needs to be Informative, engaging, and impressive to book potential clients. You'll want to be able to include the location where your audience engages more with your content.

Also, the total number of followers, the age range, a breakdown of females and males, and your engagement rate.

Don't worry if your engagement rate needs to be higher. You can look for your demographics on your Instagram dashboard. There's a part of the industry for micro and nano influencers.

Instagram is an excellent platform to create content and find collaborations. Previous Campaigns. If you have started collaborating already, could you include some of the content you have created for this brand? Remember to add your service rates and contact information. These three steps will help you create a successful media kit to increase credibility with your potential collaborators.

Your bio is essential!

This is the first impression a collaborator will see. Highlight your personality, add a quote, tag your business brand account, and use emojis. They are fun!

And include a personal hashtag. Don’t forget a call to action so they can click the follow button or access your link in the bio.

Make a difference in your life by investing in yourself. You will add value to yourself, and the people will respect you more.

Sign up to our Innovative Exposure and have the experience needed to have all the modeling tools on point. 

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