How To Avoid a Modeling Scam?

We understand how uneasy and stressed you may feel at the prospect of dealing with scammers while modeling. We aim to keep you safe and secure; we are here to provide whatever support and guidance we can to ensure you remain that way.

We would appreciate you sharing any experiences you may have faced, in the comments below, concerning this so that no one else has to go through the same. We want to make sure these negative experiences don't happen again, and if you could let us know what measures you're taking to achieve this, it would help us tremendously.

We recognize the importance of creating a safe environment for you, and we are here to empower you to do just that.

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I have several stories. One of the scams is that on Instagram a person direct messaged me that I was so beautiful that they wanted to use a picture of mine for inspiration for a drawing then after they asked me to pay for the picture to view it. Another scam is agents emailing you from agencies saying that they need your bank account information to deposit a check into your account for you to pay wardrobe fees, makeup and stylist. Be careful because now they are getting smarter and making it sound official by having you signs. Contract and website. If you get a gut feeling something is off go with it. You never pay money for a gig. MWP is different Krystal never would ask for wardrobe fees, she works hard to get us exposure.

Helen Giron

I moved to a state recently, and I was looking for modeling gigs when a supposed agency contacted me to assist in a Photoshoot with them to see if I could be a commercial model material for their roster. They made me pay a deposit of $50, refundable after the shoot. I didn’t see anything wrong with them asking for a minimum deposit. Knowing that some people booked appointments and they don’t appear. So I give my deposit. On the day of the shoot, I drove four hours to get there. They treated me so well I fell in love with the company. They made my makeup and hair helped me with my wardrobe and made me feel like a Top Model. After the shoot was done, one of the agents had a meeting with me personally. She showed me the photos they had just taken of me and told me I was terrific with my poses. But here’s the cash, I needed to buy the whole portfolio to work with them. So after six months of paying ($1,200). They sent me all the photos in a file and never communicated with me again. It seems they are doing that because that’s their way to make money, but they are a photo studio, not an agency. After this event, I met with MWP, and they taught me that agencies are not supposed to charge you to become part of the roster. So this Agency/photo studio took beautiful photos and scammed me. Please don’t pay much for something you can get as TFP. Contact MWP. They will help you gain experience without hurting your pocket.


I want to share my story to prevent aspiring models from this type of scam. There are different types of scammers out there we cannot recognize because they seem legit. What happened to me was that I received a DM on my Instagram from an ‘agent’ from a very prestigious modeling agency. I was dying to be signed. He had the agency tagged on his bio, making him seem legit. And since I applied several times, this agent contacted me. The thing is that he set up a video call meeting with me. He never turned up his camera. The meeting started great until he started to ask me very uncomfortable questions, like asking me to model naked in front of the camera. He said this was very common in the industry. Since I was uncomfortable, I hung up the meeting without saying any other word. After reporting it to the police and filing a cyber harassment case, I emailed the agency. They responded back, saying that there are a lot of scammers using their names to do such things. When I returned to my Instagram to see if I could find the conversation again, he was gone, and the user was no longer found. I learned that scammers can sense desperation, and legit agencies have their way of scouting for their models and casting the safe mode. If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t do it. There are millions of opportunities out there for everyone.


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