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Book Recommendation: The 12 Week Year

Setting your goals for the following year.

We organize our magazine's deadlines with the help of a book called 12 Week Year, written by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington.

Planning can be exciting, but achieving can be frustrating and sometimes overwhelming. This book has a system to reach your goals without giving up. Plus, you can do it in less time. 

You may have already tried several strategies to elevate your motivation and productivity, but you have started to realize that it will take a lot of work. And since it can take a long time, you begin procrastinating your dreams. 

The good thing is that you are accessing a strategy to help you set your goals and achieve them in less than a year. 


What is the 12 Week Year System? 


If you love planning your New Year's resolutions, this can help you accomplish them in time record. In the book 12 Week Year, the Authors explain that the more long-term you plan, the less you can achieve. 

Instead of making resolutions for the whole year, you start with twelve weeks. Since three months is close enough, this gives you a sense of urgency to do things. 


How to start?

Follow these steps and be on the right track to success. 

Step 1: Make things clear first. What is your vision three years from now? What do you want to achieve? Can you picture your ideal life? My recommendation is to focus on three goals. Less is more. 

Step 2: Create a coherent plan. Plan a good strategy to accomplish your goals. 

Step 3: Develop healthy habits that help you focus and execute your plans daily. 

Step 4: Track your process. Tracking your progress lets you stay focused on getting things done quickly and efficiently. 

Step 5: Own it! You are the only one accountable for reaching your goals. So make it worth it! 

 We create a 12-week year planner so you can organize your goals and implement them.

Have access here. 

 Access to the 12 Week Year book here.

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