MWP Models, Job description, role and responsibilities

MWP Models, Job description, role and responsibilities

MWP Models Job description, role and responsibilities

Mandatory Tasks

MWP Brand Model

  • We will provide monthly shoots and will choose models to have them in our Clothing Catalog.
  • All models will be provided an affiliate link.
  • Models needs to promote seasonal brand and clothing website in their social media.

MWP Event promoter

  • We will provide monthly shoots to create content for our events.
  • All models Needs to promote this content at least 2 times a day in their Professional Instagram Account. No matter if is the model face in the content or not.
  • It is mandatory to use their own personalized links to track their ticket commissions. If a person buys a ticket without using the personalized link, we won’t be able to give any incentive out of it. There’s No exceptions.

MWP Event Host

  • Models that are chosen to host, needs to help with the decorations and organizations.
  • During the event, they need to welcome our guests and place them in their respective spaces.
  • Customer service is required.

MWP Print and Runway Model

  • All models needs to be 15 min earlier from the Model Call In.
    All models who are part of the model runway choreography, needs to be present in days of rehearsals.
  • If the model want to do their own hair and makeup, they need to do it before the Model Call in. There will be events that we will provide hair and makeup but it’s not mandatory of the usages of this tools; in exceptions of the any prior agreements with Hair & MUA.

Optional Tasks

Actor for TV & Commercial

  • We will create ads, commercials and any type of media we offer to our company or marketing clients.

Live Performer & Dancer

  • We will add dancers and live performers in our events itinerary. 

Music Artist

  • We will add Music artist to our events itinerary.

Photography tasks

Mandatory task needs to be completed every month without NO exception. If you choose to do an optional task, it will automatically convert into a Mandatory task. It’s required to have an Instagram and a Link.Tree Accounts. All Model will have personalized links to promote and gain Commissions. There’s NO exceptions. Maintain strict commitment to excellence for every job by working extra hours, repeating actions and poses as necessary, and always communicating in a professional, pleasant way.

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