MWP Jobs, Skills, qualifications, code of conduct

MWP Jobs, Skills, qualifications, code of conduct

MWP Jobs 

Skills & qualifications 

  • Maintain a positive image in their social media and professional life.
  • Be committed to execute all mandatory task on time.
  • Self-possessed and professional, with great care for hygiene and appearance.
  • Ability to sit, stand, and perform other physical actions for extended time periods.
  • Excellent communication skills through email, telephone, and face-to-face interactions.
  • Flexible schedule and willingness to work nontraditional hours.


Code of Conduct 

MWP Values 

  1. Confident- loving ourselves without having any fear of being real. 
  2. Authentic- We are all different, there’s no competition. We support each other instead. 
  3. Empowered- Have the motivation to continuing growing as a person and in your professional life. 
  4. Commitment- We consider everyone’s times, that is why, if we commit to something we are going to do it by excellence.


Mate for the team

With sense of urgency 

Peers supportive 

Model with purpose is a movement created in 2020 that represent all the models who to pursue their modeling career the right way. We all have a positive message behind our talents and we want the world to know it. 

We lead by example. We do not expose excessive drinking, sex, smoking or any type of violence in our, professional or social media life. If the model refuses to stop this type of public behaviors, it can be expulsion.  


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